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My Brave Self

    My Brave Self

    You are enough

    I mentioned on a previous post that I have been working on making food less of a stress in my life. Growing up, I was told I was too skinny, I was small, and was questioned if I was eating enough by many people. Food became like something to prove to myself and to others, so it’s a story I’ve been trying to rewrite. I joined nutrition programs, attempted to read and follow the latest research. I guess my goal…

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    Travel Partners

    I can’t believe today already marks 2 years of being married to each other. Marriage is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Now to you, that may sound terrible and…

  • My Brave Self

    Father’s Day

    I look at this photo above and I remember feeling so much love that day. I watched the way my step-dad looked at me. I saw in his eyes the pride…

  • My Brave Self

    Hills and Valleys.

    When I felt these “buzz” feelings, I thought it was just me. The more I talk about it, the more I find out it’s so many of us. Mental health seems…

  • My Brave Self

    Finding your people.

    I grew up having so many groups of friends. There was the cross country friends, the gymnastics friends, the track friends, the church friends, the school friends, the ASB friends, and…