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Reinventing Our Normal

    5 Tips on How to find and Watch the Best Sunsets

    San Diego Sailboat Liveaboard Sunset

    We love our new home. We love the simplicity, the stillness, how you end and begin your days with a short boat ride to dock as your hand dangles in the salt water. You notice as the season starts to change and the water cools off from its summer heat, your fingers become colder and colder on these rides. When I was in Italy, I loved the way the world stopped for the sunsets. Shops closed, families came out, and…

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  • Genieva Davidson

    You are enough

    I mentioned on a previous post that I have been working on making food less of a stress in my life. Growing up, I was told I was too skinny, I…

  • Baja Dog Rescue

    Viajamos a Mexico! Week 3

    Week 3 of sailboat life, we were not on the boat quite as much as normal. Instead, we hit the road to one of our favorite places in Baja California, Mexico…

  • Tiny Living Meal planning and Groceries

    Living on our boat, there is less room for food storage, perishable items that need to go in the refrigerator, and being conscious of power and propane usage. Here is how…