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January 2017

    My Brave Self Travel


    Wednesdays. Wednesdays became my day. The day I put everything aside…To-do lists, exhaustion, even sometimes meaning saying no to others. Wednesdays were the day, I remembered to live. When friends called to grab dinner, a coffee, I told them I had plans. When they needed more volunteers, I went against every desire I had and told them I was busy. When my TO-Do list did not seem to grow shorter, I scrapped it. Wednesdays were mine. The day I got into…

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  • Gear My Brave Self Travel


     Nobody talks about it. Not the faintest whisper among the crowds. No one warns you that that early twenty’s can be a little strange. You think it will be finally everything you’ve ever…

  • My Brave Self Travel

    Euro adventures of g.

    I wanted adventure and a little something outside my four walls and my American dreams. So this one time, I had just finished my first year teaching, boarded a flight 5…

  • My Brave Self Travel

    Bold 2017.

    Welcome Back from all of your holiday and winter celebrations. We hope that they were full of exploring, remembering, soaking in the people, places, and memories that you love. I love the…