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July 2016


    Where the buffalo roam.

    Today, we got up and explored the beautiful Tetons plains down below. Old abandoned barns, dancing prairie fields, and keeping your eyes peeled for elk, bears, and my ultimate goal: moose. (My 5th grade teacher, Mr. Jackam had a moose day. Since then, I have wanted to see one for reals!) We drove around pulling over and roaming through whatever caught our eyes. We found family of elk, deer and even a herd of buffalo that was moving through the…

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  • Grand Tetons
    Gear Travel

    The Last Turn.

    This trip has is like a giant puzzle we navigate this website of the normal path campsites and find places people have posted about. We follow their iPhone photos and 2…

  • Native Colorado
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    Icy Baths.

    Today was mostly a driving day. We loaded up on gasoline, food, and an idea of where we were headed and left good ole Colorado. If I had to describe Colorado…

  • Vail Lake Colorado
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    Vail Lake, Colorado.

    We took a dirt trail for a few miles. This is where the summer workers camp while they make money all summer. What a dream summer! Sign me up. We spent the day hiking…

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    Telluride, Colorado.

    We stopped off at this little Ski town of Telluride. It’s summer, so its the off season, but this little beauty wowed us. It was a little too ritzy for our…