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Adventure Dog

  • Mammoth Mountain Snowboarding Skiing

    From Sailboat to Snowboards

    Jeremy is in Mammoth with Johnny shredding the fresh pow pow and getting some photos while he is at it!…

  • San Diego ISLE Paddle Board

    How do you live on a mooring ball?

    We get a lot of questions about the following things on how to be a live aboard. I thought that I would make a post about this to answer all questions…

  • San Diego Harbor Sunset

    Getting through Mondays

    I know for most people, Mondays are hard. For us, they feel hard because we want to snuggle up and watch the sea lions eat their fish instead of rushing out…

  • San Diego Sailing Catalina 30

    Best Christmas Gifts

    We love Sundays around here. They are slow. They have our favorite chores on them (ever since we moved grocery shopping to Tuesdays. We highly recommend it). They allow you to…